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The first crucial step in construction involves preparing the land, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes. This entails utilising heavy machinery for earthmoving, which essentially means relocating substantial amounts of soil and various materials to facilitate the groundwork for structures.

Skilled workers are required for the transportation and manipulation of earth materials. We at A and M Groundworks offer comprehensive services for earthmoving in Exeter, encompassing everything from general earthworks to specialised excavation projects. Our fleet is modern, top-quality, and rigorously maintained to ensure safety and efficiency standards are upheld.

Trust our certified team to deliver expert, cost-effective, and timely earthmoving solutions without compromising on quality.

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A Comprehensive List of Earthmoving Services


From small residential ventures to expansive industrial projects, our excavation services cover it all. Whether it’s foundation excavation or trenching, our experienced team tackles every excavation task with precision and efficiency.

Land Clearing

Our land-clearing service employs cutting-edge machinery and methods to swiftly clear vegetation, eliminate debris, and provide a clean slate for your construction or landscaping endeavours.

Grading and Levelling

We utilise advanced equipment to ensure precise grading and laying a solid groundwork for your projects, whether it’s roads, parking lots, or building sites.

Thorough Site Preparation

We offer comprehensive site prep services, encompassing grading and soil compaction. Collaborating closely with you, we ensure your project site is primed for a seamless construction process.

Bulk Earthmoving

For large-scale earthmoving endeavours, our bulk earthmoving service is your go-to solution. With a fleet of specialised equipment and seasoned operators, we efficiently handle vast volumes of soil, rocks, and materials, ensuring swift project completion.

When Do You Need Earthmoving?

Retaining walls: When you need to reinforce slopes or create terraced landscapes for stability and aesthetics.

Stormwater excavation: When managing water flow during heavy rains or floods is essential for preventing property damage.

Rubbish removal: When clearing construction debris, unwanted materials, or waste from your site.

Yard levelling: When preparing your land for landscaping, construction, or to create a more uniform surface.

Drainage: When addressing water accumulation issues or ensuring proper runoff to prevent waterlogging and erosion.

Bulk excavation: When large-scale digging is required for foundations, landscaping projects, or underground utility installation.

Exploring Earthmoving Phases

Site Preparation: Our earthmoving services kickstart construction projects by clearing and grading land, removing debris, and establishing a stable foundation.

Excavation: Next, we excavate soil to create spaces for foundations or underground utilities, using equipment like excavators.

Grading: To ensure proper drainage, our experts adjust soil gradient to form a uniform slope and contour, which is critical for stable construction surfaces.

Trenching: Our engineers dig narrow, deep trenches for installing underground utilities such as water pipes and electrical cables.

Demolition: When needed, our specialists efficiently clear demolished structures, preparing the site for new construction phases.

Landscaping: Lastly, we contribute to enhancing site aesthetics by assisting in planting, installing walkways, and incorporating other landscaping features.

Why Choose A and M Groundworks?

  • Experienced and professional team
  • Dedicated service
  • Comprehensive safety program
  • Exceptional quality
  • Fully maintained equipment
  • Licenced construction agency
  • Planned and scheduled projects
  • Customer-centric approach
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Do you want to transform your construction project? Contact A and M Groundworks now for expert earthmoving in Exeter and ensure a smooth, efficient, and eco-friendly construction journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every project is unique, often requiring a site visit for accurate assessment. While we can offer estimated timeframes based on experience, project specifics greatly influence timelines and aid in cost planning.

Yes, environmental responsibility is fundamental to our ethos as earthmoving contractors. We pass practices to minimise environmental impact, comply with regulations, and integrate sustainability into every project.

Depending on project specifics and location, certain requirements or permits may be necessary for excavation and earthmoving services.

You can send a message or request a call-back using the form on our website. Additionally, you can contact us directly via email at or by phone at either 01392984088 or 07446 211986. We are located at 173 Briar Crescent, Exeter, EX2 6DS.

At A&M Groundworks, we believe in the power of design and flawless execution to transform spaces – driveways, patios, and gardens – into functional art that becomes an integral part of your dream home.

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