Exeter Drop Kerbs
Dropped Kerbs Exeter
with Planning Assistance
At A&M Groundworks Exeter, we excel in providing expert dropped kerb installations
while guiding you through the planning process.
Exeter Drop Kerb
We handle all aspects of the planning process and execute a flawless
drop kerb installation for your Exeter home dop kerb.
Dropped Kerbs Exeter
for Homeowners and Businesses.
We provide drop kerb access to homowners and businesses in the Exeter area.

Dropped Kerb Installation in Exeter:

With Planning Assistance


Discover the transformative power of dropped kerb installation, a sound investment for homeowners and businesses in Exeter seeking to enhance accessibility, property value, and curb appeal. Trust A&M GROUNDWORKS, your reliable and professional partner, to guide you through the process from start to finish.

I. Understanding Dropped Kerb Installation

A. A dropped kerb is a sloped section of the pavement or roadway that provides a smooth transition between the carriageway and the property, facilitating easy vehicle access.

B. It is essential to respect legal requirements, obtain necessary permits, and follow local regulations when installing a dropped kerb. Failure to do so could result in penalties or subsequent work to rectify the situation.

C. Leave the complexities of dropped kerb installation to our qualified experts, who ensure compliance and a hassle-free experience.

II. Our Dropped Kerb Installation Service

A. A&M GROUNDWORKS offers a comprehensive service encompassing site assessment, planning, design, and construction, seamlessly executing your dropped kerb project.

B. Our highly skilled team boasts extensive experience and expertise, delivering unrivalled results and customer satisfaction.

C. Our unique techniques and specialised equipment set us apart from competitors, ensuring the highest quality workmanship.

D. By choosing us for your dropped kerb installation, you're opting for Exeter's reliable and professional choice.

III. Assisting with the Planning Process

A. We guide you step-by-step through the planning stage, offering expert support and addressing any queries or concerns.

B. Our team has a proven track record of obtaining necessary permits and liaising with local authorities, ensuring a stress-free experience.

C. With expertise in navigating permit complexities and challenges, we ensure your project adheres to all regulations.

IV. Customer Stories and Testimonials

A. We pride ourselves on the positive experiences and testimonials from our satisfied clients, reflecting the quality of our work and dedication to customer satisfaction.

B. Our before and after photos showcase our exceptional work, highlighting the transformative impact of a dropped kerb installation.


Experience the value and convenience of a dropped kerb installation in Exeter, trusting A&M GROUNDWORKS as your go-to choice for unmatched expertise and planning assistance. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, quality workmanship, and transparency are the foundations for a successful and long-lasting partnership.

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Exeter Drop Kerbs

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